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These animal printables are perfect for using for any crafts or games that you need a number of animal images for. Why not use the animal printables in the Run Around the Room game where children dart around the room collecting items, which in this case could be images of animals?! The printables each have a number of the same animal image on them which makes them easy to split up and distribute between a number of children.

The black and white versions of the animal printables can also be used for children to color for their crafts. Simply use scissors to cut up and split the images so that you can hand one to each child. We hope these animal printables come in handy for your games and crafts!

Animal Printables (PDFs):

8 Turtles B&W version
8 lions B&W version
8 fish B&W version
6 zebras
6 pigs  B&W version
6 sheep
6 rhinos
6 donkeys
4 sheep 
4 sheep B&W version
4 pigs B&W version
4 moose B&W version
4 giraffes B&W version
8 elephants B&W version
6 koalas B&W version
4 foxes B&W version
3 crocodiles B&W version
4 donkeys
4 lions


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