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The ‘Belt of Truth’ Printable is a simple coloring sheet that children can decorate with markers, paints or glitter for a fun and effective activity. Use this printable as an opportunity to talk to the children about the importance of truth and how truth can help us in our walk with Christ. Some questions that you might want to ask the children as they color this sheet include:


  1. What is truth?
  2. What does it mean to tell the truth?
  3. Do you think knowing the truth is important?
  4. How is Jesus the truth?
  5. How can we have the truth of God’s Word in our lives?


The fact that truth is worn by the Christian like a belt is very important. It is also the first piece of armor that is mentioned in the armor of God line up. Why? Perhaps because without the truth we would simply be standing on and for lies. The fact that we serve the One True God, the One who is truth, means that we can make a stand for Him. We wear His truth around our waist to ‘keep us together’ in easy and difficult times. The truth holds everything together – it makes everything else make sense!


belt of truth low res

Click here for the ‘Belt of Truth’ Printable


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