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TheĀ ‘Bible Reading Journal’ Printable for kids is an easy to fill in journal page for children to write or draw in as they read their Bibles. Make it more interesting by printing it on different colored paper!


Children answer the five questions by filling in the five different boxes. The five basic questions are:

  1. What do you think this scripture is about?
  2. What is God like in this scripture?
  3. What does God want people to be like in this scripture?
  4. What is God speaking into your heart through this scripture?
  5. Is there something you need to do differently after reading this scripture?


This Bible Reading Journal should help children to connect with the Bible in a new way. It is a useful printable for both parents and children’s ministry leaders. Children can use their own Bibles or the Bible on


Growing in God:

As children begin to journal their answers as they read the Bible they will begin to grow a new habit of Bible study. This is invaluable for their future growth and relationship with Jesus.


Bible Reading Journal for kids

Click here for the ‘Bible Reading Journal’ Printable


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