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Download the Books of the Bible Bookcase printable here.


Have you ever found it difficult to teach your children the books of the bible? Hopefully this Books of the Bible Bookcase Printable will help them memorize the books in order. Let them use the printable to put inside their bible or on their fridge so that they can keep viewing it and remember each book in the correct order.

Why not couple this sheet with using a fun video or song to teach the children the books also?

Here’s a few suggestions below:

Bible Book Bop – a well animated video and catchy song by Go Fish… they will have you dancing long after it’s done!

Bible Books – an easy song and simple rhythm by the Bigsby Show.

Books of the Bible – a fun and trendy rapping video by North Point Kids.

Books of the Bible – this song has a bit of a club feel to the beginning. A fun song that you might not be able to get out of your head afterwards!

Books of the Bible Memorization song – an easy song that Rachel will teach you to use without music, for those that don’t have a projector or sound system to hand!

I Love My Bible – a bright and colorful video with a fun rhythm song

66 Books – this simple song in sung by children

The Bible Song – a silly song by Charlie Chipmunk


Books of the Bible Bookcase Printable

Click here for the Books of the Bible Bookcase Printable


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