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The ‘Cain and Abel’s Offering’ Printable highlights the fact that Cain’s offering would not be accepted by God. Maybe he was in trouble right from the offset – perhaps he knew that his offering was not the best and would not please God? We don’t know!

This story can be told to remind children of the importance of what we bring to God. We must bring our best. The first fruits of our labour. God does not deserve to receive any less than the best we can bring. This is such a key reminder for each one of us that longs to serve God. How we serve Him is so important. It has long term effects.

Of course, this is only the beginning of this story. The events that follow result in the first murder in the Bible. If you read it for the first time, no doubt you would be completely shocked at Cain’s response to God’s rejection of his offering. It is also a challenge to think about how we react when God disciplines us. Do we accept his discipline? Or are we those that react violently or with anger?

May we be people that bring honor to God as we humble ourselves to serve Him, offering our best and surrendering to His will.


  1. What did Cain bring for his offering to God?
  2. What did Abel bring his offering to God?
  3. Why do you think Cain’s offering was rejected?
  4. Why do you think Abel’s offering was accepted?
  5. How did Cain feel about his rejected offering?
  6. How did this make him feel towards God?
  7. Can we avoid acting and thinking like Cain, if so, how?


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