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The Christmas Childrens Ministry Volunteer Appreciation Card is a great way to thank your volunteers for all their hard work over the year. Whatever you call them; your volunteers, helpers, leaders or simply heroes… everyone will enjoy receiving this gift as a reminder of why they do what they do… so that children might turn to Jesus, just as they themselves have done. We pray this printable will be a blessing not only to you, but to all those that work within your children’s ministries.


Thank you for doing all that you do;

For setting up rooms and packing down too.

For playing with kids and being funny,

Though you’ve never been given any money.

For every game and every song,

For all your teaching both short and long,

For all your prayers and your loving care,

For giving your time, when you’ve not much to spare.

For every time you’ve read God’s Word,

To encourage a child and make sure that they’ve heard,

That God loves them and he sent his son,

To save his people, to show them he’s won.

One day they’ll look back and remember the days,

When they were told about Jesus and all of his ways.

They’ll remember that you were willing to give,

And that just like Christ, you serve as you live.

So never forget that God sees what you do,

Every child that you give to, all the year through.

Everything that you’re doing, it matters you see;

Kids turn to Jesus, just like you and like me.

A poem by Katy Hailes


Christmas Volunteer Appreciation

Click here for the free Volunteer Appreciation Card

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