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We love the ‘Create in Me a Pure Heart’ Printable (Psalm 51:10) is a printable that will challenge children in their relationship with God. Why? Because it will call them to think about whether they have given their heart to the Lord and if they have asked him to make them clean.

The words of David in this printable speak to each one of us as we are challenged to consider if we have given our own lives to the Lord and if we have truly asked him to come and clean/purify our hearts and make them new.

Discussion Questions:

  1. What is a pure heart?
  2. How can God make our hearts clean or pure?
  3. What is a steadfast spirit?
  4. How can we have a steadfast spirit?
  5. God makes all things new. What has He made new in your life?


Click here for the ‘Create in Me a Pure Heart’ Printable

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