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The ‘Emotion Cards’ printables are an amazing tool to encourage children to discuss how they feel or would feel in a given situation. For the purposes of ministry and mission the emotion cards are intended to be used in a small group or one-on-one situation. Simply print the cards onto white card stock. Place or hold the cards face up and when asking a question about how a child feels or would feel, allow them to choose one of the cards.

You can either assign an emotion to each of the cards, or let the child identify their own emotion and give it a name. These emotion cards are especially useful in our ‘Sense How You Feel’ section of our lessons.

Some suggested situations that you could use these cards within include:

  • Small group bible studies (when children put themselves in the story. If I were Jonah I would feel…. etc)
  • One-on-one situations – perhaps you have a child that has become upset or angry and doesn’t know how to express their feelings in an open and safe way. The ’emotion cards’ printables could be used to help children identify how they are feeling if they seem to be confused.


We would love to hear your feedback on how you have used the ’emotion cards’ printables.


'Emotion Cards' Printables low res


Emotion Cards Printable 1

Emotion Cards Printable 2

Emotion Cards Printable 3

Emotion Cards Printable 4

Emotion Cards Printable 5

Emotion Cards Printable 6

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