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‘Fall for Jesus’ Printable is a highly detailed and intricate coloring sheet that will keep children busy and engaged for a long time! This printable will be something children treasure – especially if they are the kind that love to work with detail!

Are you looking for a printable to help children engage with a lesson? This printable, although simple in its wording, provides an opportunity for discussion. Simply begin asking the children about their interest in the autumn season and the crunch beneath their feet of the leaves. Remind them that this season is temporary and fleeting. Seasons come and go, but there is One who remains the same. This is a great way to introduce the children to the Eternal God and to help them think beyond themselves.

We don’t always naturally think of forever. In this changing world our attention often flits to the next fad. This ‘Fall for Jesus’ Printable will allow you to help your kids pause for thought and question what eternity means. Yet you will need to be the one to provoke this deeper discussion. We’re sure that you will find it easier to discuss when children are busy focussing on coloring as they are more willing to engage in chatter.


  1. What do you love about Autumn?
  2. Do you enjoy crunching leaves beneath your feet?
  3. Why do the leaves fall off the trees?
  4. Leaves are temporary. They fall to the ground. Do you think God is the same?
  5. If God is eternal, what does that mean for us?
  6. Do you want to live forever? Why/why not?


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