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The ‘For unto us a child is Born’ Isaiah 9:6 Printable is a fantastic printable for helping children to understand how the Bible verse in Isaiah 9 is written about the Messiah – Jesus! The Israelites had long awaited a Messiah and now the Prophet had told them he would come… as a baby! He would be a child, yet He would also be the wonderful counsellor, the everlasting Father and the Prince of peace! This was no ordinary baby!

This prophecy was given to Isaiah 700 years before Jesus was even born. Wow! How incredible is that?!

Children will be amazed when they learn that God has a perfect plan and that plan is Jesus. He is the One sent to seek and save the lost – the One sent to transform our world. And this printable helps you and your children to remember this wonderful prophecy during the most wonderful time of the year – Christmas!

Why not listen to a fun Christmas song as you chat with your kids about this incredible prophecy. Additionally you could use some of the discussion questions below to keep the conversation flowing.


  1. Who was Isaiah?
  2. What was this passage about?
  3. How is this surprising?
  4. Who was the passage written about?
  5. Why is this important?
  6. How come this passage is read out at Christmas?


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