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If you’re teaching a session about how to hear from God and need a good take away image for the children, this poster is what you’re looking for! The ‘God Speaks Through’ Childrens Poster can be put up around your Children’s Church room or children can take it home and put it up in their rooms or on their fridge!

This poster is a great discussion starter. Why not use it as a visual as you talk to your kids about how God speaks to them?! You might just be surprised at what your kids say! You might also want to share with the children your own personal stories of how God is speaking to you now or how He has spoken to you in the past.

Some of the things this poster identifies as ways God speaks are through:

  • His creation
  • Music
  • Other people
  • Dreams
  • Situations
  • Prayer
  • The Bible

Of course, there are so many other ways that God does, has and will speak. This poster is simply a taster to get your children thinking! We hope you enjoy using it in your ministry!


  1. Do you think you have ever heard God speak to you?
  2. If you have, what did He say?
  3. If you haven’t, what kinds of things do you think God would say?
  4. How can you practice listening to God?


Click here for the 'God Speaks Through' Printable

Click here for the ‘God Speaks Through’ Childrens Poster


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