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The ‘Helmet of Salvation’ printable is a great aid to help you communicate and discuss with your children the importance of the armor of God.

‘The Helmet of Salvation’ Printable: Explained

The Roman helmet was important to the full set of armor as it would protect the soldier’s head from enemy attacks. It was incredibly important for the soldier to wear his helmet. The helmet protected his brain – his mind! Some suggest that there were special helmets for parades for those soldiers that had a special position in the Roman army.

For the Christian, our salvation renews and protects our mind. We need God to protect our mind as this is just where the Enemy likes to attack.

As you discuss, remind the children that Jesus transforms our mind and helps us to think the right kind of thoughts.


  1. Do you have a favourite hat/helmet?
  2. How does a helmet protect your head?
  3. What types of thoughts are good? (Philippians 4:8)
  4. What types of thoughts are bad for you?
  5. How does Jesus protect your mind?
  6. Have you ever had thoughts that made you feel sad?
  7. How did you deal with those thoughts?
  8. What kind of thoughts do you mostly think?
  9. Who can you speak to if you get bad/sad thoughts in your head?

You’ll find the image for the helmet at


Click here for the 'Helmet of Salvation' printable

Click here for the ‘Helmet of Salvation’ printable



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