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The ‘I Thirst For You’ Printable is a chance to discuss with your children what it means to be thirsty for God, to really long after Him and to want to be in His presence. Just like when we are thirsty for a drink and we will do anything to have one, we can feel the same about God. Sometimes we don’t even know or realize that it is God that we want and need, we simply feel a sense of longing in our heart.

This printable will help you to show your children that just as we can sometimes feel desperate for a drink, we can often be desperate for God too. Sometimes when we get really thirsty we can mistake our thirst for hunger, so we eat more, when all we really need is a drink! Perhaps many of us mistake our thirst for God as something else – we think we need more human love, more toys, more activities or more food, when all we really need is Jesus!

Discussion Questions:

1. What do you feel when you get thirsty?

2. When you are desperate for water, what are you willing to do to get some?

3. Do you ever feel the same (desperate) about God?


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Click here for the ‘I Thirst For You’ Printable PDF

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