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You will Need:

a bag of mini marshmallows, frosting/icing sugar and the printed ‘Jerusalem in the Days of Nehemiah’ Activity Printable on cardstock.

What to Say:

Explain to the children that Nehemiah encouraged lots of people to help him build the wall around the city of Jerusalem. The city walls had been destroyed and were in desperate need of repair. If the walls were not rebuilt then the people would be in danger. Enemies could come and invade the people and their city further if the city walls were not rebuilt.

Everyone had to work together to make sure the city was safe. Everyone had a job to do and a role to play. It wasn’t just builders that built the wall but people with many different day jobs. The people knew that this was an important job that everyone needed to help with. Nehemiah led the people and reminded them how important their part to play was every day.

What to Do:

Encourage your children to work together in twos or threes rather than working alone as this will reinforce the unity needed between the people of Jerusalem during Nehemiah’s time. The children will need to stick the marshmallows around Jerusalem so that they can protect the ‘people’ and the ‘Temple.’ They will need to dip the marshmallows into frosting/icing sugar before they put them onto the cardstock.

Top Tips:

  1. Make sure you have a washing bowl with soapy water and cloths available – it gets messy and sticky quickly!
  2. Be prepared to have the kids want to eat the marshmallows and frosting. Decide beforehand if you want to allow them or not.


'Jerusalem in the Days of Nehemiah' activity printable

Click this image for the ‘Jerusalem in the Days of Nehemiah’ activity printable

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