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The ‘Jesus and the Centurion Soldier’ Printable coloring sheet shows Jesus talking with the centurion soldier. It is a great way to reinforce your session and help children to think about what it meant for Jesus and the centurion to talk.

The centurion soldier was a well respected man. He was a man of authority. Yet he needed help. His servant was ill and he needed Jesus to save them.

You can find the story of Jesus and the centurion soldier in Luke 7:1-10. For children, we recommend the International Children’s Bible version.

This printable could be used with the Centurion soldier lesson from the Encounter teaching series or the Jesus transforms the centurion’s servant lesson.


The best song ever about the centurion soldier for kids is the ‘Centurions Secret’ by The Donut Man (available on Spotify). You won’t regret finding this song!


  1. Why did the centurion soldier go to see Jesus?
  2. Did the centurion listen to Jesus? Why/why not?
  3. What did other people think about the centurion?
  4. What did Jesus say about the centurion?
  5. How did Jesus react to the centurion’s faith?


'Jesus and the Centurion Soldier' Printable Coloring Sheet

Click here for the ‘Jesus and the Centurion Soldier’ Printable Coloring Sheet

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