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The ‘Jesus Gives Me Peace!’ Printable is aimed at helping kids have fun whilst remembering that Jesus is the One that give them the peace they need. When life is full of craziness or trying to pull us down we can always turn to Jesus for peace.

Jesus is the source for all peace. He is the peace giver and peace maker. Encourage children to think of all the different ways that Jesus gives them peace as they color this simple coloring sheet.


  1. Where does peace come from?
  2. How does peace make you feel?
  3. Do you like peace? Why?
  4. What happens when the world does not have peace?
  5. What happens when we do not have peace?
  6. How can I get peace?
  7. What type of peace does Jesus give?
  8. How can I bring peace to others?


Click here for the 'Jesus Gives Me Peace' Printable

Click here for the ‘Jesus Gives Me Peace!’ Printable

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