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The ‘Jesus is in Control’ Printable is a creative reminder that Jesus is steering out ship. He is the One in control of our lives and the world. He is the One we can turn to when we need help or are distressed. This printable begs the question, “have you given Jesus the wheel of your life?”

A great tool for 8-18s, this printable will encourage children to think about whether they have put Jesus in control of their lives or if they are still trying to take control.


  1. Who do you go to first when making a difficult decision?
  2. Who do you listen to when you need help?
  3. Who is the person you most want to talk to in the morning?
  4. Do you think Jesus rules in your life?
  5. How have you ‘given Jesus the wheel’ in your life?


Click here for the 'Jesus is in Control' Printable

Click here for the ‘Jesus is in Control’ Printable

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