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The ‘Jesus is my Superhero’ coloring sheet printable is a simple yet fun and effective printable that kids will enjoy coloring. This printable would work alongside any Bible based lesson with a superhero theme. You could use it with our Heroes of Faith teaching series and especially our ‘Jesus You’re My Superhero’ lesson.

We LOVE the Hillsong Kids ‘Jesus You’re My Superhero’ song from the album Jesus Is My Super Hero (Live). It’s well worth buying and using some fun actions to help kids remember the words. We’ve used this song for years within our kids ministry and children still absolutely LOVE it!

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  1. What super power would you choose if you could have any?
  2. How has Jesus been your superhero?
  3. What makes Jesus better than any superhero?


'Jesus is my superhero' coloring sheet printable

Click here for the ‘Jesus is my superhero’ coloring sheet printable

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