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The ‘Jesus Loves Me’ Valentines coloring sheet is a simple colouring sheet to encourage your children to think about how and why Jesus loves them. This is such a simple way to start a conversation with your child about God’s love for them, and what better time than at Valentines to think about this?

Knowing the love of Jesus is a very personal experience. I remember as a child that it was many different experiences that encouraged my knowledge of and love for Jesus.

For children that question God’s love or perhaps have never experienced it for themselves, this is a great way to introduce the idea that they are loved by Jesus. You could ask them some of these questions whilst they colour… although you may want to avoid making them feel interrogated, so make sure to ask these questions at appropriate times.

Questions about the love of Jesus:

  1. What do you think Jesus’ love is like?
  2. Do you think Jesus loves you? Why/why not?
  3. What does it feel like to be loved?
  4. What do you think the love of Jesus feels like?
  5. Do you think Jesus thinks about you? Why/why not?
  6. How might you know Jesus’ love more?


You can find another Valentines printable here. If you would like to dig deeper into this theme with your children, you could also use the free lesson on God’s love here.

If you’re interested in more children’s ministry curriculum resources you can check out the Ministry Ark membership here. Just $29 a month for a boat load of lessons!

Katy Herrera is the Founder and Creator of Ministry Ark and loves Jesus and telling children and families about Him! She also enjoys writing poetry and creating fun resources for children and families to draw them closer to God.


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