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The ‘Joshua and Caleb’ Printable Coloring Sheet is a visible representation of the Bible passage that kids will recognize and love.

Joshua and Caleb were two men that were strong and full of faith. They had complete faith in God and trusted that He could help them conquer the Promised Land.

You can read the passage with your older kids in Numbers 13-14. 


  1. Who were Joshua and Caleb?
  2. Where were they sent?
  3. Who sent them?
  4. How many men went to visit the Promised Land?
  5. What was their report?
  6. What did the men bring back with them?
  7. How did Moses react?
  8. Why did Moses react this way?
  9. Do you think God was happy with the Israelites decision? Why/why not?
  10. What can we learn about God from this passage?
  11. What can we learn about people?


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'Joshua and Caleb' Printable Coloring Sheet

Click here for the ‘Joshua and Caleb’ Printable Coloring Sheet

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