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The ‘Joy to the World’ Printable is a simple printable for children to color as they think about the nativity story. Children can think and talk about Mary and Joseph and baby Jesus as they color. This printable will work as part of any session on the birth of Jesus. Perhaps you can use it as part of your Christmas teaching series? You could also use this printable as part of a booklet of printables that you can hand out to your children within your children’s ministry. To make it more fun, why not encourage children to color it as part of a mural that you can put on the wall for the parents to see? As the children color you could even discuss some of the questions below:


  1. How well do you know the Christmas story/Birth of Jesus?
  2. Can you retell the story?
  3. Who would you like to tell about this good news?


 'Joy to the World' Printable

Click here for the ‘Joy to the World’ Printable

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