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The ‘Light of the World’ printable is a creative printable that children can color. This printable encourages children to think about the bible verse John 8:12 and how Jesus called himself the ‘light of the world’.

What did Jesus mean?

Think about all that light does:

  • Exposes
  • Guides
  • Reflects
  • Refracts

Jesus came to expose the sin in the world, and to fulfill the promise of God. He came to light the way to the Father and show people what it meant to live for God. He came to the earth as fully man and fully God. Jesus came to reflect the Father’s love and show us what it means to be truly loved and accepted by the Father. Jesus is the light of the WORLD – He is the light for each one of us.

In Matthew 5:14 Jesus also told the people that they were the light of the world. That means each one of us, when we have Jesus in our lives, becomes the light to the world. We can make a transforming difference in the world around us when we have Chris at the center of our lives.


  1. What is light?
  2. What does light do?
  3. What kinds of lights can you think of?
  4. Why would Jesus say He is the light of the world?
  5. How is Jesus your light?



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