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The ‘My Cup Overflows’ Printable (Psalm 23:5) is a great picture of God’s goodness and blessings. He is SO good! If we were to count all the blessings that He has given us we would be counting forever! The bible verse reminds us that God works for our good, even when we have those that come against us or might say bad words about us. God is working to ‘prepare a table’ for us in front of our enemies. When we honor God, we can know that will be honored amongst those that have tried to pull us down; if not in this life then when we are in heaven with him!

Discussion Questions:

1. How has God blessed you?

2. How often do you thank God for His blessings to you?

3. When you know God has blessed you, what does it make you want to do?



'My Cup Overflows' Printable

Click here for the ‘My Cup Overflows’ Printable

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