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To make the ‘My Nativity Mobile’ Craft you will need:


How to Make the ‘My Nativity Mobile’ Craft:

Then follow these simple steps to complete the mobile:

  1. Print out the craft printable
  2. Cut out the individual items
  3. Color the items with markers
  4. Cut lots of string/yarn/thread to the same length
  5. Tape a piece of it to each item
  6. Tie two straws together
  7. Tie each item to the straws


The ‘My Nativity Mobile’ craft printable is a fantastic craft to make with your little ones this Christmas. Christmas is a time to remember the real reason for the season – Jesus! All too often in this world we get carried away buying and wrapping presents and we forget to stand back, pause and reflect. Making this mobile is a great opportunity to do just that as you retell the Christmas story to the children as they create.

This nativity mobile is an easy way to open up the Christmas story to children as you talk to them about the different people and how they approached and loved Jesus. Be prepared to tell the story with enthusiasm as you share your own love for Jesus with your own kids.

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