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The ‘Naaman’ Wordsearch Printable is a simple and effective wordsearch that will help children connect with the story of Naaman and remember the key aspects. Naaman isn’t the most widely known Bible story, so it is great to use any source to reinforce the message, where possible.

This wodsearch printable is a simple yet effective way of reminding children of the story. You could tell the story of Naaman using a bible story book or Bible and then give them this printable to work through.

Review Questions:

  1. Who was Naaman and what did he do?
  2. What disease did Naaman have?
  3. Who told Naaman about a healer?
  4. Who was the healer?
  5. What did the man tell Naaman to do?
  6. How many times did Naaman need to wash?



Click here for the ‘Naaman and the Servant Girl’ Wordsearch


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