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The Noah’s Ark Bible story is not only a classic story, but it’s a true one! When God told Noah to build an ark Noah didn’t stand around, he did what God called him to do.

The ‘Noahs Ark’ Printable Coloring Sheet is a fun and cute and a great little resource to use with your preschool and 4-7 year olds.

Children love the story of Noah’s Ark. Yet this is a brilliant opportunity to talk to them about the real event and what it means.


  1. ‘Noah’s Ark’ by CrossRoads Kids Club
  2. ‘Noah’ by SaddleBack Kids
  3. ‘Noah Built an Ark’ by GraceLink


  1. Why did Noah build an ark?
  2. How big was Noah’s ark?
  3. What animals went into the ark?
  4. How did the animals get on the ark?
  5. Who looked after the animals on the ark?
  6. What does the Noah’s Ark event tell us about God?
  7. What does it tell us about people?
  8. How might we react to this story? What should we do?


To view more fantastic printables you can check out our Printables page.


Click here for the ‘Noahs Ark’ Printable Coloring Sheet


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