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Are you in need of a fun printable to teach your children about Noah’s Ark? This Noah’s Ark printable was created to help children engage with the story and have fun coloring in all at the same time!

The Noah’s Ark printable can be used as a fun activity at home or an addition to a Sunday School class. You could use it as an introduction to the story of Noah’s Ark, or as a take home sheet for parents to do with their children.

Some fun children’s songs to play whilst coloring in the Noah’s Ark printable:

  1. Arky, Arky 
  2. ‘Mr Noah Had an Ark’ by Yancy
  3. ‘Who Built the Ark?’ by Cedarmont Kids
  4. ‘The Noah’s Ark song’ by Charlie Chipmunk

Some fun questions that you could ask the children as they are coloring it:

1. What is your favorite animal?

2. How do you think Noah fed all of the animals on the ark?

3. What do you think it would have been like living with those smelly animals every day?

4. What does the rainbow remind you of?

5. What is your favorite thing about the Noah’s Ark story?

6. What does the story tell you about God?

7. What do you think this story tells us about obeying God?

8. What can we learn about God’s protection?


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Noah's Ark Printable

Click here for the ‘Noah’s Ark’ Printable

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