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The ‘Not the Healthy that Need a Doctor’ printable is a fantastic way to encourage your children to think about the words of Jesus in Mark 2:17. The healthy food and activities are a reminder of what keeps our physical bodies healthy. Yet Jesus wasn’t just talking about physical health, he was also talking about spiritual health. Sure, those that had physical problems needed Jesus to heal them,  but Jesus hadn’t only come for them – he had come for the spiritually sick. He had come for those that didn’t even realize they needed a doctor, but when they met Jesus they would soon realize their need!

Discussion Questions:

1. How is Jesus like a doctor?

2. Who are the sinners Jesus is talking about?

3. How might we need healing? (what types of healing are there?)

4. How do we get healing from Jesus?

5. How can we bring Jesus’ healing touch to others?

'Not the Healthy' printable

Click here for the ‘Not the Healthy that need a Doctor’ printable

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