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The ‘Number of Hairs’ Printable (Luke 12:7) is a cute picture that helps children think about what it means for God to know all about them.

Nobody knows the number of hairs on their own head… we don’t sit there counting our hairs… if we did, we would never have time for anything else! Yet this powerful verse is a strong reminder that God’s love for us goes above and beyond anything else we could know or comprehend. God loves us so much that He knows the number of hairs on our head! He knows those crazy, personal things about us that nobody, (not even us) knows.

This verse also speaks into the knowledge and wisdom that God has. He knows more than anyone else in the Universe because He is the Creator God! He created each one of us and He knows every detail about us. Why? Because He is the God of the details and He cares!

If children can remember this verse, it will help them in the future as they ponder through questions such as ‘Does God really love me?’ ‘Does God care about me?’ and ‘Does God know everything?’

Why not use a couple of the discussion questions below to help you talk to one another about God as your color the picture.


  1. What does God know about you?
  2. Why do you think He knows so much about you?
  3. Does He know the same about everyone else?
  4. Why do you think He knows all these things?


Download the ‘Number of Hairs’ Printable


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