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You will Need:

scissors to cut all the pieces out, the ‘Raising Lazarus’ printable, double sided tape or glue, green cardstock.

'Raising Lazarus' Craft PrintableWhat to Say:

Explain to the children that Lazarus died while Jesus was not present with Mary and Martha. Mary and Martha were sad and wondered where Jesus was and why he did not come to save Lazarus. Jesus had a better plan. He would do his Father’s will. Jesus knew that he was to show the people that God can do anything!

After Lazarus had been dead for four days Jesus met with Mary and Martha. Mary and Martha were sad and this made Jesus sad so he wept. Jesus loved Lazarus; they were good friends. Mary and Martha showed him where Lazarus’ body lay… they took him to a tomb. Jesus told Lazarus to come out. The people must have wondered if Jesus knew he was dead. Dead people don’t walk! Yet Lazarus came walking out of the tomb – he was alive! Everyone was so shocked and surprised. Jesus showed everyone that he really can do anything because he is God!

What to Do:

Cut a large rectangle of green cardstock – around half a page. Print out the ‘Raising Lazarus’ printable and cut out each of the pieces. Fold over the dotted lines and stick the pieces down onto the green cardstock. Cut some short strips of green cardstock and cut one of ends in a zig zag style to create grass. Fold the flat end and stick it to the green cardstock to create grass.


'Raising Lazarus' cave craft printable

Click on this picture to download the ‘Raising Lazarus’ cave craft printable

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