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Free Rooster Crows Easter PrintableThe ‘Rooster Crows’ Printable Coloring Sheet reminds children about all that Jesus did for us and how he forgave Peter.

You can find the account of Jesus’ prediction of Peter’s denial in the passage about the Last Supper. Peter denies Jesus in Luke 22:54-62. 

Peter was Jesus’ friend and never expected to be the one to deny knowing Him. He loved his friend. Yet faced with the awful death of Jesus – watching and hearing about Jesus being beaten – put fear in his heart. Peter was scared. As a result, he denied knowing his friend.


'Rooster Crows' PrintableDISCUSSION QUESTIONS:

  1. Why did Peter deny knowing Jesus?
  2. How did Peter deny knowing Jesus?
  3. Have you ever felt scared?
  4. How did you react to feeling scared?
  5. Have you ever been scared for your friends?
  6. Do you think Jesus was afraid? Why/why not?
  7. How did Jesus know Peter would deny knowing Him?
  8. Who do you think Jesus is?





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'Rooster Crows' Printable

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