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There are several ‘Shield of Faith’ printables below that can be used to aid your lesson on the Armor of God, or the Shield of Faith itself. The printables can be used in a multiple of ways:

  1. Coloring Sheets: Simply print off the Shield of Faith printable of your choice and encourage your children to use the colors of their choice.
  2. Activity Sheets. Why not make the sheet into an activity by asking children to write on their shields the things that they need faith for –  perhaps things that they are scared of or frighten them. You may want to print some bible verses on stickers that they can stick to the shield. Maybe the children could draw on one of the more simple shields how they feel or look when they lift up their shield of faith.
  3. Craft Template. You might like to try using the ‘shield of faith’ printables as a craft template by printing them out on card stock. Then cut around the shield and add a strip of card to the back by taping each side of the strip to the back of the shield. Then the children can hold the strip of card to create the feel of a real shield.

Click on the photos below to download each of the printables.

Shield of Faith Printable low res 7

Shield of Faith Printable low res 3

Shield of Faith Printables low res

Shield of Faith Printable low res 2

Shield of Faith Printable low res 4

Shield of Faith Printable low res 5

Shield of Faith Printable low res 6


LOOKING FOR A COMPLEMENTARY CRAFT? The craft below would work well with a lesson on the Armor of God! Please note: We receive a small commission if you purchase through the product link as we are an affiliate of Oriental Trading.

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