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‘The Lord’s Prayer’ Poster Printable is a coloring poster that children will love to enjoy coloring as they learn the prayer that Jesus taught the disciples. The Open English Bible version of this wonderful prayer means that we are able to offer this printable completely free of charge!

Whilst your children color this printable you could play a video about the Lord’s Prayer or play a song. Use the time to connect with your children by discussing what it means to pray and why we pray. Ask your children if they find it difficult or easy to pray and how often they pray. Remember to speak words of grace and love as your discuss. Nobody ever feels like a master pray-er or prayer hero, but we can all encourage one another to talk to God as often as possible with God. In this way we cultivate our relationship with Him and we grow to be more like Him.

Click here for ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ Printable Poster

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