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Have you ever tried to memorize all the books of the Old Testament? It can be pretty difficult! This is a quick and easy coloring sheet; ‘The Old Testament Bookcase’ printable. It can be used as a memorization tool or as an Old Testament books review sheet. Hand this sheet out at the beginning of your class on The Old Testament to prepare your class for what lies ahead!

It might be a good idea to speak out loud the different books so that the children can all get used to hearing how the book names sound. Perhaps the whole group could speak out the bible books together. The key is repetition – especially with younger children. The more they hear the book names, the more familiar they will become with them.

Why is it important to learn the books of the bible?

Let’s get this straight, it’s not the be all and end all. However, the more familiar children are with the bible and the bible book names, the easier they will find it to navigate their way through the bible now and in later life. If we want to see children that are spiritually healthy and strong Christians in the future, we need to prepare them right now.

There are lots of different songs that can also help children to memorize the books of the bible. You can find them here.


'The Old Testament' Bookcase Printable

Click here for ‘The Old Testament’ Bookcase Printable

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