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‘The Son Spends Money’ Printable Coloring Sheet is a stark reminder for children of the lost son in the parable that spends all his money on wild living. Use this printable as an opportunity to talk to your kids about where the lost son went wrong and what happened to him as a result.

This printable will help stir conversation about why we all pursue the wrong things and ultimately what that results in. It will help you challenge your children to think long term when they make decisions.


  1. Why did the lost son walk away from his father?
  2. Why did he spend all his money?
  3. Who would you rather be like in this story?
  4. What is Jesus wanting to teach us through the parable?




If you want to read the story to your child first, there are some lovely story books including:

[(The Two Sons)] [ By (author) Nick Butterworth, Illustrated by Mick Inkpen ] [January, 2009] 

The Beginner’s Bible Lost Son (I Can Read! / The Beginner’s Bible)

Who Counts?: 100 Sheep, 10 Coins, and 2 Sons

The Parable of the Prodigal Son (Arch Books) 


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