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The Valentine John 3:16 Printable is a fun way of teaching children all about the God that gave His one and only Son for mankind. Surely, this is the best Valentines anyone could give? Children will learn that love is much more than flowers, candy and chocolates. Love is giving your life for another. Love is laying everything down for the sake of someone else. Love is putting your self interest to one side. Love is putting the needs of someone else first.

As the children color in this creative printable, you could challenge them with these questions:

  1. How did God show his love for us?
  2. How did Jesus show his love for us?
  3. How does that make God the best Valentine?
  4. How might we follow in God’s footsteps? What can we do for others?
  5. Is there someone that needs to know God’s love in this way?


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