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The ‘Worry Busters’ printable activity booklet is a booklet that you can go through with your child or children to help them think through what is on their mind. Often children need help to express themselves and to think through their worries. They need a grown up who will take the time to sit down and talk with them about it.

We can often feel apprehensive about talking to our children about their worries and concerns. This little booklet helps to provide parents and kids ministry leaders with an opportunity to discuss a child’s worries with them without it being super awkward or weird. Children will have fun coloring and filling out all the different pages.

This 8 page booklet helps children think through what happens to their body and mind when they are worried versus when they are at peace. They will be encouraged to believe on God’s Word; that they are an overcomer. Children will be reminded that God never worries and to pray more and worry less.

As you discuss all these things with your child/ren be encouraged that God is working all things together for good. When we talk to our children about their worries and concerns we are showing them that we care. Don’t be worried if your child takes time to open up. Sometimes they may not know or understand how they feel. Try not to belittle their worries and concerns. Simply listening and showing them you love them in practical ways will help them to know that their concerns and worries are valid and that you take them seriously.

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