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Sensory stories are simple stories for eighteen months – 5 year olds that are used to help children – especially children with additional needs – interact with the bible story. Sensory stories use up to ten sentences to communicate a story. In between each sentence a hand or movement action is performed or an item is passed around the room. In this way children are encouraged to actively get involved with the story. Stimulating all the senses, this technique aims to help the children retain all that is said. You can view an example of a sensory story in action here.

You will need: a paper people chain of ten people that you have cut out already and a paper plate face with spots on one side and happy and spotless on the other side.


‘Ten Lepers’ Sensory Story:


1. Ten men came to Jesus.

(Show the 10 men in a people chain.)

2. They had a horrible skin disease.

(Hold up the paper plate with spots on one side and clear on the other.)

3. ‘Please help us’ they said.

(Do the ‘Help’ sign in Makaton using a flat palm with your fist on top.)

4. Jesus healed all ten.

(Turn the paper plate over)

5. The men went away happy.

(Wave and encourage everyone to make a happy face)

6. One man came back.

(Rip off the first man on the paper chain and pass it around the group.)

7. He said ‘thank you.’

(Do the Makaton sign for ‘thankyou’.)

8. Jesus makes people well.

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