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Sensory stories are simple stories for eighteen months – 5 year olds. They are used to help children – especially children with additional needs – interact with bible stories.

Sensory stories use up to ten sentences to communicate a story. In between each sentence a hand or movement action is performed or an item is passed around the room. In this way children are encouraged to actively get involved with the story. Stimulating all the senses, this technique aims to help the children retain all that is said. You can view an example of a sensory story in action here.

You will need: a bucket with water, a small jug, 

1. Jesus was very tired.


2. Jesus sat down beside a well.

(Hold up a bucket with water inside.)

3. A woman came to get some water.

(Hold up a small jug.)

4. Jesus said ‘Please can I have some water?’

(Scoop up water from bucket.)

5. Jesus knew lots of things about the woman.

(Point to your head. Makaton sign for know – thumb to head.)

6. The woman was amazed.

(Show an amazed facial expression.)

7. She knew Jesus must be sent from God.

(Point up.)

8. The woman told everyone about Jesus.

(Hands to mouth – tell everyone around you. Then put all your props down and say the last sentence clearly.)

9. Jesus knows all about you too.

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