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The ‘Wrecked 2 Restored’ teaching series is a 5 part gospel teaching series that takes the children through the story of ‘Wreck It Ralph’ and likens it to the message of the gospel. Your children will love this fun approach to the gospel as they also learn to watch one of their favorite movies through spiritual eyes.


1. Bricks and Big Walls. Why not put up or place around your own bricks and walls made of cardboard boxes. It will definitely give the room a Wreck it Ralph feel!

2. Pacman, Mario and other gaming characters. Perhaps create your own characters around the room using cardboard or wood painted and cut out. ‘Lifesize’ stand ups would look great and would be fantastic to take photos with!

3. Candy – lots of it! Create giant candy for larger rooms or simply have candy all over the room. This will remind your kids of CandyLand. Large popsicles would look amazing in a room or on your stage!

4. Candy race cars. This one might be for the brave at heart… creating your own candy racing cars would really grab the children’s attention and enthusiasm!

5. Games consoles/arcade games. Why not have games consoles available or even arcade games that children can play with after the lessons – although, you might find it hard to pull them away afterwards!

6. Medals. Placing giant medals or trophies around the room would be a good link – you could even recreate a large medal that looks like the one Ralph was made by Venellope.

7. Race track around the room and building. Why not make an actual race track around the room using fabric or tape.

9. Finish Line. Of course, every race needs a finish line. This would come in handy for when you talk about Venellope crossing the finishing line in the final session.



1. Candy Race cars. Use your imagination and choose candy that you think would make great cars for the children to make their own candy race cars!

2. Cardboard cars. Grab a load of old cardboard or packaging and help the children to create mini or large cars that they can play with or even take home.

3. Candy Kabobs. Simply use candy instead of fruit to thread through a wooden stick and eat! mmm!

4. You’re My Hero cookies.

5. Pacman or Wreck it Ralph mobiles. Find coloring sheets off google for your chosen characters and then thread them with string and attach them to a couple of sticks to make your own mobiles.

6. Chocolate… Make anything with chocolate and remind the children about Ralph’s chocolate mud on the party cake.



1. Plate smashing – carnival style. Have children throw balls at plates to smash them.

2. Newspaper party – throw newspaper everywhere whilst playing newspaper games. You will definitely wreck your lovely room doing this one!

3. Cardboard box city – create a cardboard box city and then have everyone come and wreck it together!

4. Graffiti session – have children graffiting an old car, room or simply pieces of wood or card.



1. Park or Area Clean Up – team this teaching with a park clean up, or clean up an area that has become run down. Help your children to see that they can be involved in restoration too!

2. You Are Loved – create a You Are Loved event where you go out in groups (with plenty of parents and leaders) and hand out free gifts to people on the streets and pay for people’s coffees etc. Talk the children about what it means to bring restoration into people’s lives – to help them feel loved and whole.

3. Car Wash – older kids might have fun doing a car wash to raise cash for a charity as they watch the cars being restored to their original condition.

4. Restore Our World – children could be a part of a wider fundraising event to raise money for an area that needs restoring. Perhaps there has been an earthquake or some other natural disaster that you could raise funds towards so that the children can see what it means to help restore people’s lives.


For more decoration and craft ideas check out our ‘Wrecked 2 Restored’ Pinterest Board.


Wrecked 2 Restored Teaching Series:



In this session your children will learn that they were not made to be wrecks, as they meet one of the main characters in ‘Wreck It Ralph;’ Vanellope.



There’s something a little creepy about King Candy, perhaps it’s his constant lying and deception. That’s why in this session he is compared to the devil.



Children will love this session as it draws a comparison between Ralph and Jesus!



Just as Ralph knew who he was, Jesus knew he was when he died for us. He died so that we might learn who we really are in him. This lesson will help children rediscover that identity.



This lesson reminds children that though others may not recognize it, Jesus has restored us. He has made us whole. Children look at how Venellope is restored and consider how Peter was restored by Jesus too.


This teaching series was donated by John Hailes of Stone Creek Church, Illinois. Thank you John!



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