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‘Woman at the Well’ Craft

The ‘Woman at the Well’ craft is a great craft to encourage children to create as they think and reflect on the story of the Woman at the Well in John 4. You can talk about the story as you create the craft.


  1. Who was the woman at the well?
  2. What did Jesus want from the woman?
  3. Do you know what Jesus told the woman about herself?
  4. What did Jesus tell the woman that He could give her?
  5. What did the woman do after she had met Jesus?


You will need:

Lots of popsicle sticks, card, scissors, glue and tape or double sided sticky tape.

How to Make:

  1. Cut lots of popsicle sticks in half using scissors.
  2. Cut a piece of card into a rectangle – just under half a popsicle stick high.
  3. Roll the card into a cylinder and tape or glue together.
  4. Glue or tape the popsicle sticks around the outside of the card cylinder.
  5. Stick, tape or glue half a popsicle onto the inside of the cylinder – one on each side so that they stand out of the cylinder on either end.
  6. Cut a rectangular shaped piece of card and fold it in half.
  7. Glue or tape the posicle halves to each side of the card.
  8. Tape or glue the card to the popsicle sticks that are standing out of the cylinder.





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