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Did you see how afraid Gru was when the girls mentioned dating to him? That’s because he had a bad experience and it made him afraid that something like that could happen in the future. He didn’t want to get humiliated again. He was afraid to date. Gru obviously thought it was better to stay away from girls rather than getting hurt or embarrassed again.

That is exactly what fear does to us. Fear stops us from moving forward. It stops us from doing the same thing twice. Sometimes that can be a good thing; we might be afraid to put our hand in the fire because we know how it feels to get burned. Yet sometimes we miss out on good things because we are afraid that it might turn out badly. God doesn’t want us to be afraid, He wants us to live freely knowing that He is with us, and so we have nothing to fear. When we know God’s love then fear seems to dissolve away because we know that whatever happens to us God is with us and He will help us through any situation we might face.


1. What is the thing you fear the most?

2. Have you ever overcome a fear? How did you do it?

3. What are the good things about fear?

4. How can fear be a bad thing?

5. Do you think God wants us to be afraid? Why/why not?

6. What can we do when we are afraid?


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