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'Crucify Him' PrintableThe ‘Crucify Him’ Printable Coloring Sheet helps children to think about the interactions between Pilate and Jesus. You can use this sheet to help tell the story to your children.

You will find the passage about Pilate and Jesus in John 18:28-40 or Matthew 27:11-26.

Pilate washed his hands of Jesus; he didn’t want the guilt that came with sending him to his death. The people had cried “Crucify Him!” when asked what to do with Jesus. When given the chance to free a prisoner, the people did not choose Jesus but they chose Barabbas.

The image on this printable was drawn by those at We are so thankful they allowed us to share it with you!


  1. Who was Pilate?
  2. Why did he wash his hands?
  3. What did Pilate do with Jesus?
  4. What did the people say about Jesus?


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'Crucify Him' Printable Coloring Sheet

Click here for the ‘Crucify Him’ Printable Coloring Sheet

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