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'He is Alive' Printable Coloring Sheet Pinterest imageThe ‘He is Alive’ Easter printable is a fun and funky printable immediately reminding children about the fact that Jesus is no longer dead, but He is alive!

Why is it so important that Jesus rose again? The fact that He rose means He was telling the truth all along – He really is the Son of God! He conquered death – not only when raising Lazarus, but He was able to raise Himself! That shows His incredible supernatural power. Our God is a GREAT God! He is able to do anything!

Do your children understand the significance of the cross and the resurrection? Why not talk to them about it as you color this printable together. It can be used one-on-one with your own kids, or during a kids ministry session. We’ve popped some discussion questions below to help get the conversation started. Don’t let your kids color in silence – start a conversation that could change their life as you color!


  1. ‘He’s Alive’ Easter Song – Maynard’s Groovy Bible Tunes


  1. ‘He’s Alive’ by GraceLink
  2. ‘The Story of Easter’ by Saddleback Kids
  3. ‘Jesus Rises’ by SuperBook


  1. What is resurrection?
  2. Who rose again?
  3. How did Jesus rise again?
  4. Why did Jesus rise again?
  5. What does this mean for you and me?
  6. Knowing that Jesus rose again, what does it make you want to do?
  7. How might this change your life?


A big thank you to for allowing us to use their designs for our Easter printables.

'He is Alive' Easter Printable Coloring Sheet

Click here for the ‘He is Alive’ Easter Printable Coloring Sheet


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