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'Jesus: Savior of the World' Printable

The ‘Jesus: Savior of the World’ Printable is an obvious reminder of how Jesus died on the cross for our sins. It is an easy way to start a discussion with your children about how and why Jesus died.

This ‘Jesus: Savior of the World’ Printable would be really effective when used in a gospel session with the children in your kids ministry. Or perhaps you are a parent looking for an opportunity to share the gospel with your son or daughter? No matter the reason, this printable makes discussions easy. Simply start your kids off coloring and begin chatting!

You could use this prntable as part of an Easter event or session – it would work really well for a Good Friday service. You can check out more of our printables here.


Play some music as the children color so that you can chat with them as they listen and learn.

  1. ‘Jesus, Savior’ by KidsSpring
  2. ‘Savior Comin’ by CrossRoads Kids Club


If you prefer using video to teach your kids about the gospel, here are a few of our suggestions below:

  1. ‘Gospel Message for Children’ by Girls Brigade
  2. ‘What is the Gospel’ by What’s in the Bible


  1. What is a Savior?
  2. How does Jesus save us?
  3. What does Jesus save us from?
  4. Who needs saving?
  5. Why can we not save ourselves?


The illustration in this printable was designed by – we are so thankful for their permission to share it with you here.



'Savior of the World' Printable

Click here for the ‘Savior of the World’ Printable

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