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This hilarious printable is based on the verse from Mark 12:31 that says “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Your children and especially your preteens and teens will love this fun coloring sheet that plays on the selfie culture. Many children and young people will be familiar with taking a daily selfie. So, the question is, do you love your neighbor as you love your selfie? We might not always like the selfie that we take, but many people love the act of taking selfies? Do we love people with the same passion and excitement?

Jesus calls us to love others as we love ourselves. That means that we need to love ourselves too! If we hate ourselves then how are we able to love others? For some of us, we may need to ask for God’s help to love ourselves before we can truly begin loving others.

Discussion Questions:

1. When was the last time you took a selfie?

2. What is the best selfie you have ever taken?

3. Do you love taking selfies? Why/why not?

4. What can we do to show our love for people in a big way?

5. Who is your neighbor and how can you love them?

6. Do you love yourself? Why do you think it is important to love ourselves if we are going to love other people?



Love Your Neighbor printable

Click here for the ‘Love Your Neighbor’ Printable

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