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The P.U.S.H Printable is a simple acronym printable that says ‘Pray Until Something Happens’. This is a brilliant reminder for those times when we forget to pray, or perhaps when we feel like giving up on prayer. You can use this printable in a lesson on prayer, persistence and perseverance.

Discussion Questions:

For younger children:

1. Do you like praying? Why/why not?

2. Is it hard to pray for a long time? Why/why not?

3. How can we remember to keep praying?

For older children:

1. Have you ever prayed for a long time? What happened?

2. Have you ever felt like giving up on prayer? Why?

3. How often do you pray?

4. Can you think of some people in the Bible that prayed for a long time and God answered their prayer?

5. Is there a way that we can encourage ourselves to keep praying, even when it is difficult or when nothing seems to be happening?

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Click here for the P.U.S.H Printable

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