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Free Palm Sunday PrintableThe ‘Triumphal Entry Wordsearch’ Printable is aimed at 8-11 year olds and gives them a chance to have fun looking up all the words that are used in the passage on the Triumphal Entry.

Wordsearches help children to become more familiar with a passage and to recognize some of the words used in the Bible…. Plus, they are tons of fun! Kids can spend a long time working on a wordsearch when they want to find the answers.

This sheet would work well as a take home sheet or as a sheet you use in your session. You may find that it works as a reinforcement of your story and message. Group this sheet together with more of our Bible story sheets or use it alone – it’s your choice!

This printable would be especially effective if used on Palm Sunday!


'Triumphal Entry Wordsearch' Printable

Click here for the ‘Triumphal Entry Wordsearch’ Printable


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