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The ‘Evert Giant Will Fall’ song lyric stills are a great visual tool to use to help children connect with this amazing song written by Rend Collective. Song lyric stills help children to follow the words and join in. They enable the children to feel more comfortable with the song as they sing as they can choose to focus on the words rather than on others or themselves. In this way children are able to connect with God as they consider what the words mean.

Discussion Questions for Children:

  1. What does it mean by the word ‘giant’?
  2. What ‘giants’ do you have in your life?
  3. What does it mean by ‘mountains’?
  4. Why do we want to see the ‘mountains’ move?
  5. What are ‘chains of the past’?
  6. Why would we want the chains of the past to be broken in two?
  7. What does this song make you feel towards God?


If you would like to use the video version to the Rend Collective song you can view it here.

Click on the images below to download:

Every Giant Image 1Every Giant 2 Every Giant 3 Every Giant 4 Every Giant 5 Every Giant 6

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