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AIM: The ‘God is Powerful’ Childrens Lesson on Joseph is aimed at helping children to see that their prayers are powerful because the One they pray to is powerful and is able to do the impossible.


  1. ‘Good, Good Father’ by Bethel
  2. ‘My God is Powerful’ by Group VBS


  1. Taste Test. Children try different foods whilst wearing a blindfold and must try and guess what the food is.
  2. Dodge Ball. Two teams throw a ball at each other. When the ball hits below the knee that player is out. The team with the most players standing at the end is the winning team.
  3. Blanket Volleyball. Players split into teams and stand either side of a volleyball net. The teams each have a blanket for every pair and must use their blankets to throw the ball to the other side. If it lands on their opposing team’s floor that team wins a point.
  4. Catapult the Cans. Using a few cans teams or players compete to hit all the cans down with a ball, catapult or elastic band. The player/team that gets all the cans down first is the winning player or team.

BIG  VERSE: Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. Philippians 4:6.


SET the Scene:

Read Genesis 41:1-49. Explain to the children that Joseph has been through many trials to get to this place. He has been betrayed by his brothers – they turned against him – and they threw him down a smelly well. His brothers then sold him as a slave and told his father that he was dead. He was falsely accused of hurting his owner’s wife. She told people he had done something to her when he had not. So he was thrown in jail for many years where two people had dreams and he told them correctly what those dreams meant. Now Joseph was stood in front of Pharaoh – the most powerful man in Egypt.


  1. ‘Kid BIble Story: Joseph’ by Crossroads Kids Club
  2. ‘God’s Story: Joseph’
  3. ‘Joseph and His Coat,’ ‘Joseph in Egypt,’ ‘Joseph Forgives’ by Saddleback Kids
  4. ‘The Story of Joseph,’ ‘Part 2,’ ‘Part 3,’ ‘Part 4’ by Kids on the Move


SPOT the Simple Meaning:


You will need some pictures or objects that show powerful things. Think: the most powerful man/woman in the world, the most powerful weapon, the most powerful car, the most powerful animal. Some of these things are constantly changing, so we haven’t attached images ourselves, but a background image is here so that you can use your own chosen images.

Say: God is Powerful. Even more powerful than all of these things combined! He is the most powerful person in the Universe because He created it all! There is nothing too difficult for Him to do! He is able to do anything, yet He chooses not to do some things [lying, cheating] as these would go against who He is. Remember, He is also a good God!

So because our God is a powerful God He can answer our prayers in powerful ways. That makes our prayers powerful because the God we are asking to answer them can do anything! So when we pray we can know that God is powerful enough to answer them in a way that He knows is best. It might not always be the answer we want, but we know that He is powerful enough to hear our prayers and to listen and act in the way He sees best.

Joseph saw that God had great power. Joseph had been through a very bad time but when the Pharoah asked Joseph if he could interpret dreams, Joseph knew it was not his own power, but by the power of God that he was able to do this. When Joseph explained this, the Pharaoh understood this too and exclaimed that Joseph had God’s Spirit in him. When we give our lives to God and ask Him to take control we can be sure that He is powerful and can do anything. For He is a powerful God.



You will need to pre-make a chocolate cake or cookies using some different ingredients. Allow the children to taste some of the different ingredients on their own – butter, flour, cocoa powder. Then pass around the cake that you made with the ingredients. Let the children taste the cake after you have talked with them.

Say: When you tasted the ingredients on their own how did they taste? [Get feedback – taste bad!] Well, it’s the same with our situations. Sometimes we go through a terrible time and things don’t seem very good… in fact, they can be very bad. Yet when God uses His power He can turn our situations around for good. Just like He did for Joseph.

Now, let’s try this cake I made with those ingredients! [share cake] It tastes amazing!

Joseph had a terrible time for many many years. His brothers were nasty to him and he was treated badly by Potiphar’s wife too! He ended up in prison – the worst place you can be! Yet God had a better plan. He used His power for good to help Joseph. At just the right time he made a way for Joseph to interpret dreams. Does anyone remember what happened next? [Get feedback] Yes! Then the Pharaoh needed someone to interpret his dream! God knew what would happen and He had a good plan. He used His power for good to help turn the bad situation for good.

Romans 8:28 says, “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” That means that God can bring things about so that good comes out of any bad situation when we love and serve Him.




Skit Idea:

Dave: You know, I think I could do a better job

Barry: A better job of what?

Dave: Of using God’s power

Barry: What do you mean?

Dave: Well, there’s so many bad things that happen everywhere. Why doesn’t God do something about it?

Barry: Well, God is good, you know. Sometimes bad things happen and we don’t know why. But it doesn’t mean He’s not good.

Dave: Well, why doesn’t He do something about it? I mean, if I were God, I would stop all bad things from happening.

Barry: But a lot of bad things happen because people do wrong.

Dave: I just don’t understand.

Barry: Neither do I Dave, but I do know that God is good. I mean, look at Joseph’s life in the bible. He went through some really bad situations. But God helped him through them and gave Him much more in the end.

Dave: You’re right Barry, I guess we just gotta trust that God knows what He’s doing. And that He is good. I mean… He is God after all, He knows more than me!

Barry: Exactly! And you wouldn’t want all that power anyway. What would you even do with it?

Dave: Erm… eat all the donuts in the world?!

Barry: Well, I for one, am glad you’re not God!

Say: Sometimes we might think that we know how to use power better than God does. We might wonder why certain things happen or don’t happen. Yet we can trust that God is good and He knows how to use His power for the best. So when we call out to God in prayer we can know that He will use His power in the best way. That can be difficult when we don’t see the answer we want. But we simply have to trust that God knows what He is doing… He is good and He is powerful and He knows what is best for us all, even when we don’t understand.

[If your kids are familiar with the bible you can point them to the story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego who trusted that God was good even when the fiery furnace was all around them, saying:”If it be so, our God whom we serve is able to deliver us from the furnace of blazing fire; and He will deliver us out of your hand, O king. “But even if He does not, let it be known to you, O king, that we are not going to serve your gods or worship the golden image that you have set up.”]


SEARCH the Scriptures:

Shoot Away! Click here for the game image or here for the widescreen version. Prepare some boxes or tubes and put the bible verses below in each one (or a few in each). Then secure the opening with tissue paper taped over as a lid. Children line up and must take turns to try and throw a ball through the paper. If they can do it then they get to keep the verses. The child with the most verses at the end is the winner.

Verses on God is Powerful:

And God raised the Lord and will also raise us up by his power. 1 Corinthians 6:14.

 It is true that he was weak when he was killed on the cross. But he lives now by God’s power. It is true that we are weak in Christ. But for you we will be alive in Christ by God’s power. 2 Corinthians 13:4. 

He did it with his great power and strength. His love continues forever. Psalm 136:12. 

So, trust the Lord always. Trust the Lord because he is our Rock forever. Isaiah 26:4.

Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his great power. Ephesians 6:10.

The Lord your God is with you. The mighty One will save you. The Lord will be happy with you. You will rest in his love. He will sing and be joyful about you. Zephaniah 3:17.

Jesus looked at them and said, “For men this is impossible. But for God all things are possible.” Matthew 19:26.

by speaking the truth, and by God’s power. We use our right living to defend ourselves against everything. 2 Corinthians 6:7.

God made the earth by his power. He used his wisdom to build the world. He used his understanding to stretch out the skies. Jeremiah 10:12. 

He rules forever with his power. He keeps his eye on the nations. So people should not turn against him. Psalm 66:7.


  1. What or who is the most powerful thing/person you have ever seen or met?
  2. What does it mean to be ‘powerful’?
  3. Has power ever been used for bad? How and when?
  4. How can power be used for good?
  5. How do you know that God uses His power for good?
  6. Do you think you have power? Why/why not?
  7. How will you use your power?
  8. If God is powerful, what does that make our prayers?


SENSE How You Feel:

In this section we think about how it would feel to be the person in the scripture. In this way children are challenged to think about how they would feel. Once their emotions are engaged this helps the child to feel a connection with the story and helps them think through what it all means to and for them.

Encourage the children to ask themselves the question below as they create:


How do you think Joseph felt when he was made second in command to Pharaoh?


  1. Make one of the crafts from the Crafting the Word of God blog.
  2. Use the Power in Prayer journal with your kids. (coming soon)
  3. Color in the ‘God is Powerful’ Printable
  4. Make a paper clapper as you think about the power of God



Say: We can pray knowing that God is powerful and He will use His power for our good. So let’s pray for those things that are on our hearts today knowing that God listens and He can work our situation for good.

Elastic Band Prayers. Encourage children to take an elastic band and face a direction where there are no people or objects in the way. Ask the children to pray for something that they want to see God move in – something they need God to do or change. Then allow them to pull back the elastic band with their finger and shoot it in the direction. Tell the children that as they watch the elastic band shoot they can imagine that God hears their prayer and that He is powerful enough to do the right thing in His timing.


Click here for the ‘God is Powerful’ PowerPoint image


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